Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 // Lomography

If you’ve been following OWL BOT for a couple years you’ll know how much sprocket photography I do. The combination of the wide, cinema-like aspect ratio traditionally only seen with cameras like the XPan and the sort-of Punk Rock aesthetic of using the wrong film in the wrong camera and seeing the parts of the negative you’re not “supposed” to …

Britni Sumida // Sprocket Models

While filming the second lookbook for P&Co’s “Dark Daze” collection we took the time to snap some Sprocket Shots with Britni Sumida.

Rachel Dashae // Sprocket Models

After the failures/lessons of the first two Sprocket Photography experiments, we’re finally able to take some proper photos! In this first installment of Sprocket Models, we’ve got Rachel Dashae out of Pittsburgh. At the end of February we shot a few rolls of expired Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 for this project in West Los Angeles, cutting it up about our …

Sprocket Shots Pt.2

In our last Sprocket Shot article we discussed how by loading the film in to our Medium Format camera backwards, we get Redscale Photographs. This effect happens because “there is a strong color shift to red due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed first, rather than last [the red layer is normally the bottom layer in C-41 …

35mm to 120 Adapters

We are now selling the 35mm to 120 film adapters used to shoot Sprocket Photography.