GDrive Mobile SSD

There comes a time in every working filmmakers life where at the end of the day, they have to dump all the footage they shot onto a couple hard drives for delivery and backup. Quite often, this happens on-location or in the field, which is one of the reasons so many people have tried to perfect their backup strategy. The …

Sprocket Shots Pt.2

In our last Sprocket Shot article we discussed how by loading the film in to our Medium Format camera backwards, we get Redscale Photographs. This effect happens because “there is a strong color shift to red due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed first, rather than last [the red layer is normally the bottom layer in C-41 …

First Look: Sony VENICE

The​ ​new​ ​$42,000,​ ​full-frame​ ​Sony​ ​VENICE​​ ​debuted​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Sony​ ​Pictures​ ​lot​ ​at​ ​the​ ​beginning​ ​of September​.

A Look Inside Canon Burbank

Canon USA has opened a new high-tech service and support center in Burbank, CA. Kenny, representing ProVideo Coalition, investigates.