Kenny McMillan

Kenny McMillan is the founder of OWL BOT Digital Cinema, offering production and post production services for independent creators and corporations alike.

Kenny has been making films for over a decade, constantly refining and updating his workflow, style, and technique. Valuing technical skill, proficiency, and clear communication, he ensures that every job is accomplished with speed and precision with valuable room left for improvisation and day-of inspiration. With plenty of experience in documentary-style shooting situations, Kenny is adept at achieving professional results from available resources. His prior work as a photographer for Red Bull gave him greater insight into the world of premium brand marketing and content creation, which he has carried through to his commercial work. 

When not shooting video, Kenny can usually be found in any mountainous area with snow on the ground or behind the lens of his Mamiya RZ67.

Available with or without the following gear:

ARRI Amira
Canon C100mkII
Angenieux 15-40mm T2
Sigma 18-35mm f1.8
Nikkor 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, & 105mm f4
Letus AnamorphX Anamorpic Adapter (1.33x)
Odyssey 7Q+ Monitor/Recorder
IDX VLock Batteries (95, 95, 150)
RedrockMicro microRemote Follow Focus
RedrockMicro microMattebox
Kino DivaLite Kit (Two 2′ Fixtures)
Sennheiser MKH-416
Neumann KM185 
JolyMod Oktava MK012 
K-Tek Carbon Boompole
Tascam DR60D-mkII

Additional gear can be rented upon request.

Kenny edits on a custom-built PC with the full Adobe Suite and colors in DaVinci Resolve Studio.
Hire him to shoot, cut, or color your next production:

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